5 Reasons to Plan Your Meals

Draft written by: Amreen Bains Reviewed and Edited by: Elena Zhang (APD) Meal planning is a trendy buzzword on social media, what is meal planning exactly? This article will explain what, why and how meal planning can benefit your health. Meal planning is where a person draws up a schedule of their meals ahead ofContinue reading “5 Reasons to Plan Your Meals”

8 Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

Finally! You have tackled the awkward high school years, and made it to college as an adult. Away from the comfort of home, where the refrigerator is always stocked and delicious home-cooked meal is always on the table, here comes the big question: what are you going to eat? My name is Elena Zimeng, andContinue reading “8 Healthy Eating Tips for College Students”