How to Make Kombucha at Home (6 Easy Steps)

What is Kombucha? In simple terms, it is fermented sweet tea. It is gaining popularity due to its health benefits such as improving our digestion, protect us from heart diseases, cancers and more. Kombucha is a refreshing, healthy drink that is slightly fizzy, with a hint of sour and sweetness. The good news is, kombuchaContinue reading “How to Make Kombucha at Home (6 Easy Steps)”

7 Reasons to Include Fermented Foods in Your Diet

What is fermented food? Fermented foods contain probiotics, which is a friendly type of bacteria that can benefit our health. Probiotics are added to foods during the fermentation process to convert the sugars and carbs in food into alcohol or acids. Fermented foods include: yoghurt pickles kefir buttermilk sauerkraut kimchi miso natto tempeh salami kombuchaContinue reading “7 Reasons to Include Fermented Foods in Your Diet”