“A healthy lifestyle can be easy to achieve and maintain”

Nutrition Consultation

One-on-one nutrition consultation to assess your health and nutritional status, then work together on goals and strategies to improve your health.

Consultation can be conducted in-person, online or via telephone.

General nutrition consultation

Initial appointment 45-minutes: AUD$100

Follow-up appointment 45-minutes: AUD$90

Eating Disorder Management

Initial appointment 60-minutes: AUD$120

Follow-up appointment 45-minutes: AUD$90

Nutrition Intake Analysis

Want to know what exactly is in the food you are eating? Think macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and more.

We can conduct a personalised analysis to provide you with a breakdown of your nutrition intake. This will help to identify potential deficiencies and imbalances in your diet that may be affecting your health. We then provide you with nutritional recommendations based on these results.

Price includes access to an exclusive clinical food tracking app, a personalised nutrition intake report, and a 30-min phone consultation to help you understand your report and provide you with advice.


Personalised Meal Plans

Do you need precise guidance in meal-prepping? EZ Dietitian can provide you with a meal plan personalised to your health conditions and nutritional goals.

Your meal plan will include:

  • 5-7 day meal plan
  • Recipes, shopping list included
  • Access to your meal plan online and via an exclusive App
  • Incorporate your meal plan into your online calendar
  • Optional: food preferences, add family members


Online Dispensary

You can access practitioner range of supplements through EZ Dietitian! Elena can prescribe high quality, clinically-tested nutritional supplements after an assessment.

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