5 Reasons to Plan Your Meals

Draft written by: Amreen Bains Reviewed and Edited by: Elena Zhang (APD) Meal planning is a trendy buzzword on social media, what is meal planning exactly? This article will explain what, why and how meal planning can benefit your health. Meal planning is where a person draws up a schedule of their meals ahead ofContinue reading “5 Reasons to Plan Your Meals”

What Do Dietitians Do? A Complete Guide (UPDATED)

UPDATED AUGUST 2022 “Dietitian” – what a strange word! What is a dietitian? What do they do? Why do dietitians exist? The big questions is: what can a dietitian do for YOU? What is a dietitian? In simple terms, a dietitian is a person who had professional education and clinical & community training to becomeContinue reading “What Do Dietitians Do? A Complete Guide (UPDATED)”

How to Make Kombucha at Home (6 Easy Steps)

What is Kombucha? In simple terms, it is fermented sweet tea. It is gaining popularity due to its health benefits such as improving our digestion, protect us from heart diseases, cancers and more. Kombucha is a refreshing, healthy drink that is slightly fizzy, with a hint of sour and sweetness. The good news is, kombuchaContinue reading “How to Make Kombucha at Home (6 Easy Steps)”

7 Reasons to Include Fermented Foods in Your Diet

What is fermented food? Fermented foods contain probiotics, which is a friendly type of bacteria that can benefit our health. Probiotics are added to foods during the fermentation process to convert the sugars and carbs in food into alcohol or acids. Fermented foods include: yoghurt pickles kefir buttermilk sauerkraut kimchi miso natto tempeh salami kombuchaContinue reading “7 Reasons to Include Fermented Foods in Your Diet”

9 Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is an algea found in fresh or salt water. It has been used by ancient civilizations for its health benefits. NASA has famously used spirulina as a supplement for their astronauts. Spirulina can be used as a dietary/nutritional supplement for people of all ages. Nutritional benefits of spirulina: High protein content (70% proteinm, similarContinue reading “9 Health Benefits of Spirulina”

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Factsheet

Omega-3 is a type of essential fatty acid; our body cannot produce it and must be obtained from our diet. The most common omega 3 fatty acids are called ALA, DHA and EPA. Good dietary sources of omega 3 include fatty fish such as sardines, tuna, salmon, rainbow trout and mackerel, plant sources such asContinue reading “Omega-3 Fatty Acids Factsheet”

Tumeric Factsheet

What is tumeric? Turmeric is a spice, it has been used in Asian countries such as India for thousands of years. Turmeric gives curry its distinctive yellow colour and is praised for its medicinal properties. The main active ingredient responsible for the health-promoting effects of turmeric is called curcumin, which is available in higher concentrationsContinue reading “Tumeric Factsheet”

Calcium Factsheet

What is Calcium? Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Almost all the calcium is stored in our teeth and bones. The remaining small portion of calcium circulates in our blood and is important for the maintenance of our metabolism. Sources of Calcium: Sufficient vitamin D or sun exposure is needed toContinue reading “Calcium Factsheet”

8 Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

Finally! You have tackled the awkward high school years, and made it to college as an adult. Away from the comfort of home, where the refrigerator is always stocked and delicious home-cooked meal is always on the table, here comes the big question: what are you going to eat? My name is Elena Zimeng, andContinue reading “8 Healthy Eating Tips for College Students”